Monday and we are still in KY. It has been a lot of fun although the weather has been mostly rainy. Saturday we went out with my fried Carrie to see her band play and then to a art opening/party at a local winery downtown. I ran into lots of friends I have not seen since high school and even middle school. Sometimes you think that people won't recognize you, but it is usually is not the case.

Yesterday we went down to Churchill Downs (where the Derby is held) and saw some horse races and visited their museum. It is amazing what a big deal the Derby is here. There are two weeks of festivities including: a marathon, a hot air balloon race, a bed race (complete with wheels and steering), fireworks show, and concerts. Our guide at the museum said "Hi, I'm going to be y'alls tour guide." Haven't heard y'alls in a while.

Today we had a heavenly Target experience. Since it was a weekday hardly anyone was there and we were free to look around at everything. I got a bathing suit and some sunblock and Erik got a cute grey suit. Target has suits now...amazing!

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