May 2nd: What a Day!

Yesterday was a day I am going to remember for a very long time. We woke up at 4am to drive the car back to the airport in Louisville and fly home. As soon as we were ready to leave it began pouring rain outside and I had to put the wipers on manic speed. The flight was fine and I took pleasure in finding my way around the tiny Louisville airport. When we approached NYC I saw a huge cloud of smoke just over Manhattan. Did I ever see this before? Must be a huge fire. Took the airtrain to Penn Station - I went right to work and Erik went home to check on the kitties. He called as he was walking over the Pulaski to see if I could go online and see where this fire was because from his angle it looked like it could be our street. Thank god it was not, but it wasn't very far off.

Work was going well, although I was a little distracted by the possibilty of good news I'll mention later. Around four there was some other shocking news related to a coworker. I don't want to write anything about it because I have since learned that this can be very tricky.

As for my good news... At the end of the day I was offered a job that I had applied for. Yeah! I will be very sad to leave where I am now since I work with such great people who are also close friends, but I am so excited about this new opportunity.

The other great news of the day: Josephine finished her first year of graduate school and Erin had her senior show opening at Cooper.

Who knew May 2nd would be this memorable?

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