Things we've been up to but haven't had a chance to write about...

I realized looking at the photos on my camera that we've been up to quite a lot these past few weekends. During our first weekend back from Holland, we did part of the New York Bike Tour, went to Josephine's Thesis opening for her Columbia MFA(congratulations!), and shopped til we dropped at a LeSports Sac sample sale (Erik did really well against all of the crazy women). Our jetlag got the most of us and by Sunday night we were falling over.
Last weekend we had Chinatown dim sum with Edwin and Kathy then went to Red Hook for the BWAC (Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition) to see Nates's photos and eat some key lime pie near the pier. Red Hook is one of those neighborhoods I had always heard about but had never ventured to until a few months ago. The bus the runs through Greenpoint (the B61) ends in Red Hook so we took the bus all the way home...which felt like forever after all of the stops! On Sunday Aaron and Caitlin came over for brunch on the deck (complete with poffertjes) and a walk around Brooklyn.
Mike is in town from Chicago this weekend for the ICFF conference. More to post later.


Marijke said...

Wouw I have never seen so many bikers before. Next year I will be joining you :-)

jenny said...

That would be great! We could certainly find a bike for you to ride then.www