Jindabyne among other things

Last weekend, Mike was in town for the ICFF fair. The Javits Center is such a crazy huge place. It's on the edge of Manhattan and seems to be a city in itself. Mike and Chris (his friend from Chicago) stayed out late most nights. Erik and I made it until 2 am twice...a record for this married old couple. On Friday we ended up at the Delancey where we saw Penelope Cruz being ushered through the crowd by a body guard. Of course this exciting news was lost on Erik and Mike who responded with "Who?" Luckily, we had the DVD "Volver" at home so I could point her out.

Louise is also in town for 6 weeks from Australia. We met up with her Saturday for dinner and then saw the movie Jindabyne. A quiet, haunting movie that I really recommend. It's scary without the usual Hollywood tricks that make you jump out of your seat.

Much has been happening on Huron Street. 3 of the 4 corner buildings have had some kind of renovation. The two laundramats seem to be competing for the flashiest sign. And the "Bagel on the Run" replaced it's flaming type sign with a new vinyl one. It turns out the same guy is opening a "Pets on the Run" store across the street. I guess he is really on a run! What will be next? "Chinese on the Run" "Liquor on the Run" We'll see.

We're relaxing this holiday weekend since we'll be out of town the two following weekends for weddings. Friday was my first half-day Friday at work. Awesome!

Yesterday, we heard from Marijke that she's just been offered a job in Rotterdam at a Children's Theater. This is really the area she was hoping to work in and we are so excited for her! Congratulations Marijke! Can't wait to visit you in Rotterdam.

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