Catch up

It's been a busy few weeks. Rein and Christa are now in the US on their summer vacation. Last weekend (21-22nd) we took the Water Taxi to Governor's Island. It was really an incredible sight to see a quaint two story house with a yard against the manhattan skyline. I am glad we were able to visit this island before it's turned into a casino, or something worse...overpriced condos.

Today we flew back from a weekend trip to Portland, Maine and Salem, Ma. Such lovely placess. We were supposed to fly back at 6am this morning, but when we arrived at the airport they said our flight had been cancelled because of weather and crew rest times. Dependable JetBlue. We were able to get a flight at 4pm. Home now and feeling exhuausted... More pictures to come tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Simone! Hope you had a rockin' time at the Beer Garden. Wish we could have been there.


H3NR7 said...

Wow. Erik really mirrors both his parents in look and posture.
And Sophie mirrors both you and Simone.

belle said...

I love the photo of Erik and his dad!