Last week and more

Busy week. Last weekend was a lot of fun. Saturday morning we took care of business, rented a U-Haul van and put our stuff into storage. We got a great spot right up front...it's easy to get to and will be both cooled and heated. That afternoon we met up with Henry and Matthew to check out the Brooklyn Cyclones game in Coney Island. The game was great. The stadium felt so intimate compared to the Mets or Yankees and much more relaxed. Afterwards, we explored the games and grit of Coney Island. We played skee ball and air hockey, drove bumper cars and rode the famous Wonder Wheel. So much fun! We even took home a few plastic prizes.

On Sunday we ventured out to Port Washington, Long Island to visit Margo and John and their adorable sons. They have a beautiful house near the train and showed us a great slice of suburb life. It felt so nice to sit in a backyard and walk on a sidewalk that's bordered by grass instead of a skyscraper.

Thursday was Olga's Going Away Party. Hard to believe she's really leaving the country. It's the end of an era at SMP and she will be very missed as a friend. Erik and I were lucky enough to inherit her TV and DVD player. Our old TV screen would jump like crazy every time the screen turned white or light colored. It's a huge relief to watch TV and not feel like you are having a seizure.

Tonight we went over for dinner at Isabelle and Nick's and helped make fresh pasta. It was so delicious. Afterwards, we watched Little Britain and introduced Isabelle to one of our very favorite comedy shows. Those guys are geniuses!

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