Halloween and the Police

Last weekend we dressed up as Max and Meisje and went to Isabelle and Nick's Halloween/Moving/Birthday party. It was so much fun. We are really sad to see them leave Brooklyn, but are excited for their big move and looking forward to visiting them in Seattle.

Last night instead of checking out the parade, I went to see The Police at Madison Square Garden with Henry, Dave and Simone. Great concert! Even though we sat pretty high up, the sound was still amazing and the binoculars worked quite well.

Can hardly believe another week has almost gone by! It's finally fall here. We took the AC out of the window and our landlord turned the heat on for the season. I had forgotten that the radiators make that hissing/clanking sound, but I love how toasty the apartment feels in the mornings. Meisje has also rediscovered her favorite spot on the floor under the radiator. We brought some of the annuals inside. Erik's 4ft high cosmos are about to bloom!

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Reinder Vrielink said...

Erik en Jenny,
Wat zien jullie er geweldig uit. Laat de muizen maar uitkijken!
Ik wil ook wel kat zijn.