Square Footage

Today we took a little trip to Long Island City and checked out some open houses for new condos. We, of course, can't afford these, but it is always fun to take a peak and do a little research. The 5SL condos had nice finishes, an easy commute, a gym, etc. While we are very happy on Huron Street, we know we will outgrow our first home eventually. Hearing about the square footage of the condos had us wondering about how big our little place is. Got out the measuring tape and pushed some furniture aside. Casa de Huron, it turns out, is 560 sq. ft with an extra 170 sq. ft for the deck. Small, but not tiny. Not sure what I thought it would be, but glad we took the time to find out.

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belle said...

So many bonus points for that terrific deck! You guys (and the cats) are spoiled rotten! I hope Erik's brain fever has subsided since your last post . . . or has it gotten worse ?!?