Paris pics

Got back last week from our European trip. Flew to Amsterdam, spent a few days in Holland with family, and then took the train to Paris to visit Josephine. Sara flew over the next day and met us there as well. It was great to see Paris with two friends who know the city so well. Had lovely weather, did lots and lots of walking and sightseeing, and ate many delicious croissants and crepes.


ROBIN said...

Your pictures are really fascinating, and Wow! that snow on all the cars? I'm from South Africa and we rarely experience snow, although last year at the beginning of spring the weather was unsettled and changeable we had some snow. We had a lot of snow in 8 th September 1981. Now that was a something for us to see-- So beautiful but so cold.
Keep the pictures coming I love to see them, your travels and country.

H3NR7 said...

So that's what you guys were doing when you weren't playing Scrabulous.

Simone said...

So glad you guys had a great time. Ah, Paris. I love it so. And those croissants are to die for. Especially the chocolate ones. Oui!