Is it really almost April? Woohoo. Looking forward to spring...planting flowers, getting out my lighter wardrobe (and putting the heavy coats away). March has flown by. The first half of the month was spent in Europe, then the following weekend my Uncle John, Aunt Dana and their three daughters came to NYC for part of their spring break. It was so much fun to show them around. It reminded me of my first visit to NYC. Everything looked so big and busy and there were a million new sights to take in. Just as we said good bye to the Carrows, we welcomed back Isabelle and Nick who were in town for Eva's senior show. We made it out on St.Patrick's Day and drank some very Irish green Hoegaarden. It was wonderful to catch up with them in person and to hear more about life in Seattle.

Last weekend the Carrows threw Boppa (my grandpa) a surprise 80th birthday party. A big surprise indeed since his birthday isn't until April 12th. Because most of the family was in town for Easter, it was the perfect time for a party. I originally didn't think I would be able to make it. Tickets to St.Louis were more expensive than a flight to Europe, but then someone suggested I look up tickets to Chicago. A great idea! I was able to fly round trip (and last minute) for only $165...and the best part was that I could drive down with Mike.

Flew in at 10am, got right on the road for the 4-5 hour drive, and made it to the party just in time. It was a huge success. Boppa was shocked, This was my first Easter in Alton and the next day there was another party complete with an Easter egg hunt for all of the young cousins.

Flew back on Monday. Mike had to go to work early, so I rode the "el" out to the airport and commuted with all of the Chicagoans (Chicagoites?). Quick flight. Even made it into work for a few hours, then commuted home with Erik. After almost three days apart, Erik and I were so happy to see each other. I could see him smiling a block away!

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