We're excited to be spending our first Christmas as a family in NYC. Rein, Christa and Mike will be here to celebrate with us. I really wanted a Christmas tree, but with such a small apartment and all of the baby stuff, I really wasn't sure where one would fit. With our living room freshly painted and the walls bare, I realized this would be a good time to have a little fun. Today we put up our 2D Christmas tree. I found this great photo of a bare tree and then we decorated it with real lights and ornaments. It looks surprisingly real head on! Now I just need to find the right star or angel for the top.


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Fabien said...

This is crazy! It does look real...at least on the picture it does! You just gave me an idea for next year :) I did mine in cardboard (it's on my blog as well :). Yours looks just SO good. Bravo!

Fabien said...

By the way, how did you get the picture on the wall and how did you attached the lights/decorations on it?

Jenny + Erik said...

Thanks Fabien! The photo was printed out from InDesign in tiled sections. It's 25 11x17 sheets altogether. We just painted our living room white, so the edge of the paper blends in. Everything is held up with push pins...lots and lots of push pins!

Your cardboard tree looks great!