Second flight

On our way to St.Louis the plane was pretty empty and we were able to snag an extra seat for Ellis and her car seat. She slept almost the entire flight! It was a lot more comfortable with her not on our laps. We could move around, go to the bathroom and not worry about waking or squishing her. Our return flight was sold out, so it was back on my lap. She was awake and curious for this flight and joined me in a little magazine reading. Ellis contributed by grabbing and licking the pages! When Erik returned from the bathroom, I surprised him by putting Ellis in his seat. She loves sitting up like a big girl.

You might recognize that outfit from the first photo. I bought the newborn size version from Target when she first arrived and was so sad to see her outgrow it. During a trip to the Alton Target, I found it again in the 9 months size. Now she has a little room to grow!

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