I love weekend mornings. Sleeping in a little later (9am!), playing in bed with Ellis, enjoying the warm sunlight coming into our bedroom, and finally eating delicious french toast made by resident chef Erik. After that we usually make our way into the city for errands or to try and get together with friends.

This was my fourth week back at work and the best yet. Ellis took some nice long naps at daycare and they said she was less fussy than before. I think she’s getting more comfortable there and also getting used to my feeding/work schedule.

Last Sunday I bought groceries for the week and we even managed to cook at home every night and bring lunch everyday. I don’t think Erik and I have managed to do this since we’ve been married! We love eating out and there are so many amazing restaurants in this city, but with Ellis’s schedule and our budget we need to eat more at home. The best recipe we tried was steak with roasted butternut squash and mushrooms from Martha Stewart, of course.

Ellis had her 4 month Doctor visit on Wednesday. She handled her vaccinations well, or better than I did at least. She now weighs 18.4 lbs and is 27.75" long. While the Dr. recommends waiting to really start solids until 6 months, he said we could start experimenting anytime before then! I think we’ll wait another few weeks though. Ellis doesn’t really seem interested and if any of the research on waiting to introduce solids to avoid food allergies is true, then I certainly don’t mind waiting. We figure she’ll be eating solids the rest of her life, so there’s no harm in enjoying this “liquids only” period.

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