30, more walking and a new studio

There are big changes brewing here on Huron Street. I almost don’t know where to start. Last Thursday I turned thirty. Sara took me out for a lovely lunch and then Erik and I went out for a real dinner date in the evening. Ellis’ teacher at daycare came over to babysit. This was the first time anyone else has put Ellis down for the night. Since Kara has helped her with hundreds of naps, we felt completely comfortable and confident that things would go well at bedtime. They did go well and we can’t wait for more date nights in the future!

In big work news, Erik has started freelancing from home and is working on building up his new studio. We are excited to see where things go and have decided to switch Ellis to part-time daycare in the new year to save money while Studio Vrielink is getting its start. We have signed her up at a great home daycare right down the street (almost closer than the daycare was to our offices!) founded by a former nanny who is also a mother. We will miss the friends we have made at daycare, but are excited to meet some new ones who might also live in our neighborhood. Erik and Ellis will be spending most afternoons together. I think this will be a wonderful bonding time for them and a great chance for Ellis to pick up more Dutch.

Since our little video of Ellis taking some of her first steps just over a month ago, she has come great strides and is walking almost everywhere. I had no idea what a big change this would be. She was mobile with her crawling, but we couldn’t really put her down anywhere other than our apartment, daycare, or the grass in the park (back when it was warm enough to do so). This morning we went to Target and it was adorable to see her navigate the aisles and comb through the clothing racks all by herself.

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