San Francisco Turkey

We are just home from our second big trip in November. Our little family flew to San Francisco to join Mike in his new hometown for Thanksgiving. What a gorgeous city! I could certainly live with 60 degree weather everyday. Mike showed us all around the Bay area and we even took a little day trip to visit Josephine who was in the town of Sebastopol painting for a month. Ellis loved being around her uncle and she especially enjoyed walking all around his carpeted apartment. So much softer than our old wood floors!

Flying with Ellis was manageable but tiring. I was so envious of the guy sitting next to us who slept for almost five hours. The days of watching movies and sleeping on the plane have been replaced with games/distractions/snacks to keep Ellis entertained and somewhat quiet. Dancing in the bathroom mirror and pulling out paper towels was a big hit.

For my coming 30th birthday, we did a little black Saturday shopping at Fry’s and I picked up a new point and shoot digital camera. It takes amazing pictures in low-light and captures colors brilliantly. My Canon Elph was over four years old (antique by tech standards) so I am very excited about the upgrade.

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isabelle said...

Sounds like you guys should move to the west coast!!!