Cancellation Vacation

We were scheduled to fly back home Tuesday evening. Mike was flying back that afternoon, so we rode to Tampa together. While many flights had been cancelled the two days after the blizzard, we were hopeful that our “on time” flight would get to NY that night or at least the next morning. We sadly found out JetBlue cancelled our flight right before we made it to the airport. At the check-in counter, we laughed in shock when the agent said the earliest flight he could book us on was for January 1st . . four days later! We booked a nearby hotel for the night and considered our options. Instead of fighting our way back home waiting in stand by lines, we decided to turn our family visit into a little beach vacation. Off to Clearwater Beach for three days. Erik found the same hotel we had stayed at eight years ago: The Beachview Inn. It’s a wonderfully shabby little place, with amazing views and kitchenette rooms. We rented a car, bought some swimsuits and did our best to change gears and embrace a little extra time off.

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