Slaap Kindje

Untitled from Jenny Carrow on Vimeo.

I had posted a while ago about Ellis and her baby doll. I finally caught her in action with the camera. Today, she tried to give her baby a bottle with some water. Of course this made her baby all wet, so Ellis then requested a diaper for her doll. She can’t say diaper yet, but said “baby pee pee” and then pointed to the drawer with diapers. She then wanted to put her down for a nap in her crib and attempted what I can only call the world’s worst swaddle.

Aside from babysitting, Ellis enjoyed some nice long walks around the neighborhood this weekend. Yesterday, we strolled around Williamsburg, dined on delicious Vietnamese sandwiches, and played in McCarren Park. Ellis was completely fascinated with the dog run, which makes me look forward to a trip to the zoo. Today, we huffed it over to Long Island City. I just love the piers, waterfront and playground there. We had a lovely lunch with Henry at Cafe Henri (how appropriate) and thankfully Ellis went to bed early so I could enjoy the Red Carpet preshow for the Oscars.

Erik is flying to Holland on Wednesday to meet little Mauro. I am excited he’s making this special trip and am so happy for Marijke and Adriano.


Simone said...

I still can't get over her lifelike play with her doll. That's something you normally don't see until at least age 2. She is very advanced!

Jenny + Erik + Ellis said...

Thanks for the comments Simone! I can't get over her doll play either. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!