Welcome Mauro!

Today was spent excitedly waiting for updates from Marijke and Adriano on the birth of their son. Just after midnight in Holland, Mauro was born! We can’t wait to see pictures, hear more details and meet our newest nephew!

Friday’s weather was a wonderful Spring preview. Erik and I took Ellis over to the Union Square Playground for a little fresh air. The entire city was out and smiling. A few people even pulled out the shorts and sandals, but it really wasn't that warm! After Friday, the weather remembered what month it was and turned crappy again. Saturday was the worst. We attempted to take one of casual weekend strolls around the neighborhood, but the wind nearly blew the stroller over. We’ve been taking it easy for the rest of the weekend and were planning a little day trip out to Jersey City for our Monday off. Sadly, Ellis came down with a fever last night, so we decided to keep her in for the day. I think this might be her 5th cold/virus of the season. Sigh. Another reason to look forward to spring.

Here are a few new photos, mostly around the house. Ellis enjoyed making milk art on the kitchen floor, petting the kitties and interning for Studio Vrielink. She was not so happy about the diaper rash she developed after wearing a different diaper from daycare. Thankfully it cleared up in a few days. Damn you Pampers Dry Max!

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Simone said...

I can't believe how different she looks. So much more like a toddler than a baby.

And yes, damn you Pampers. I will never use them again. Roman is severly allergic as well. Cheap ass diapers!