Long weekend in Florida

We spent last Saturday through Tuesday in Florida visiting Mommoms and her sisters. We’ve made this trip enough times that the flight, car rental and drive to her small town are pretty easy. Compared to the BQE, the highways in Tampa felt so calm, clean and quiet. Sadly, Erik picked up the pink eye that’s been going through many of the homes and schools in the neighborhood, but thankfully we had taken Ellis to the Dr. the week before thinking she had pink eye (turned out not) but he wrote a prescription just in case. We picked up drops and Erik was feeling and looking like his old self by Sunday night. Just in time to watch the Oscars! The trip was pretty relaxed otherwise. It’s funny how similar Mommoms and Ellis’s schedules are. They both need a nap in the afternoon and are ready for bed by 8pm. It was really nice to spend time with her. Ellis especially enjoyed playing piano together.

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