Table for Three: The Bedford

We seemed to have skipped a few weeks of table for three with traveling and keeping busy. Even though Erik is recovering from the flu, we made it to The Bedford in Williamsburg for brunch today. Lovely industrial chic decor, quiet atmosphere and a simple, well thought out menu. Ellis and I split an order of blueberry pancakes and couldn’t have been happier. Sadly, the waiter messed up Erik’s order and brought out huevos rancheros instead of grilled cheese. When Erik semi-jokingly asked “Is this the grilled cheese?” we could tell by the waiter’s face that he had put in the wrong order. “Two minutes” he said. About fifteen minutes and two pancakes later, Erik’s sandwich finally arrives. It was decent, but the mistake was hard to overlook. And even though the restaurant was half empty with plenty of larger tables, we were sat at a table for two. Ellis was uncomfortable on my lap and we all felt pretty cramped. At the end of the meal while waiting for the check, Erik and Ellis enjoyed a little puzzle time at a nearby table. This place might be nice to date night, but I don’t think we’ll be back as a family anytime soon.

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