Ellis turns 4 and starts school

Last month was a biggie...so big and busy that I didn’t have a chance to post. Ellis began public Pre-K as well as a new after school program. Erik and I tried our best to keep Ellis excited about her first day. She loved her new backpack and lunchbox and visiting her school's playground. On the first day, we all walked with nervous smiles to her new classroom. We are happy to report that she seems to really love school! Her day is long (8:30-5:45) and she no longer naps like she used to at her old school, but she has a big smile every evening. She is making up for the longer day with an earlier bedtime, which is a huge help. Erik and I had to get used to public school drop off (at the big front doors with so many other kids) and not getting daily contact with her teacher. We’ve adjusted knowing that we can always call her with questions or write a little note. Ellis reveals some details about her day, but we tend to find out the most when she plays school at home.

On the 20th of September, we celebrated Ellis’ 4th birthday. Erik made her a sweet paper hat and we had a pancake breakfast. She seems like such a kid now. I think four is going to be a really fun year. We had a small princess party for her with a few close friends that weekend. Everyone decorated foam tiaras with gems, pinned the kiss on the frog and took down the dragon piñata.

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