Sweet Leo at 7 months

Leo’s half birthday flew by without getting a chance to write about what he's been up to and what he is getting in to! Probably a few times a day I seem to tell someone just how different our two children are. At 7 months, Ellis was a big, chubby baby who was happy to nurse all day, and took catnaps reluctantly. When Leo was born, he nursed easily but was quick to finish. I brought him to a lactation consultant because I couldn't actually believe he was done feeding in a few minutes. He was fine...growing well, but such a snacker! Today, Leo is a strong and nimble guy, who is always on the move, unless he's napping, which he does with relative ease. He likes his pacifier, standing and hanging on to the baby gate or his crib, squealing at Ellis, and exploring new foods. He has the sweetest smile and even though he seems determined to crawl and walk early, I am trying to soak in his baby months before he’s off and running.

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