All things NJ

Friday and Saturday I went to NJ. I don't get there too often, so this was a special treat. Friday I had to go on a press ok for the FSG catalog. It went smoothly and I even walked away with large poster maps of the World and USA. I am posting photos of me by the largest roll of toilet paper I've ever seen and the hazy, hot, and beautiful NYC skyline from the car.

Yesterday we went to Sara's family's Bastille Day Celebration. It was wonderful to relax in a backyard and enjoy french food, wine, and great conversation. I went to this annual party in 2003 and it is amazing to see how it's grown since then.

And today is Henry's (born and raised in NJ) Birthday. Happy Birthday Henry!

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H3NR7 said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Sweetie.
You girls look beautiful in red, white and blue.
Viva la France!
Viva le papier de toilette!