summer update

Well, June certainly flew by. We spent many of the weekends watching the exciting World Cup games. We watched them from home, bars, restaurants, a beer garden and friends' houses. Erik was sad Holland did not make it further, but he did a great job of showing his orange spirit. The first NL match we watched at a bar in Times Square at 9am with the other Dutch ex-patriats. While it was nice to be in their company, many were still strangers and we realized it is much more enjoyable to watch with friends.

Aside from that, I've been settling into work and we've both been doing some freelance during our spare time. Freelancing is great because I think of it as bonus money to be spent on the apartment, travel, or going out. The other weekk it was "couch money" as we finally decided on a new couch from Crate and Barrel. It was on sale and was just delivered this morning. It was amzing to watch the delivery men finesse the couch up the stairs. I think we can never move, because I cannot do what they just did.

I've posted a few memorable photos from last month.

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