St.Louis / Alton trip

Flew back Wednesday morning from our vacation to see family in the Midwest. We had a wonderful time visiting everyone. Mike was even able to drive down from Chicago. I can hardly believe how much all of my cousins have grown up! On Sunday Boppa and Grandma had 50 family members over to say hello. They are so used to preparing for big parties that it was amazing to see them go to work with the food preparation. While most of my family live on the Illinois side of the river, we did manage to take a drive to St.Louis and see the Arch. Regrettably, we were unable to go up the arch because of the crazy line, but we did manage to visit my favorite place: the gift shop. The Arch is one beautiful piece of architecture. It is so elegant and such a marvel of engineering. On Monday we met up with my cousins Nikki and Emily and went swimming with their families, including each of their adorable baby girls, Emma and Madeline. Erik and I were also given the driving tour of Alton. Here are some phhotos of us with Alton's most famous citizen, the gentle giant Robert Wadlow who grew to 8'11". Wow!

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