Louisville Trip and Wedding

Just got back from Chrissy and Justin's wedding in Louisville. It was a lovely weekend with a bad start. I flew out Thursday night and was supposed to leave at 6:40. Unfortunately there was a thunderstorm to the west and we had to sit on the tarmac for 6 hours. It was painful....just like Jet Blue last winter only more civilized. I finally arrived at 2 am and Mommoms came to get me. Erik flew in the next morning without any delays. Lucky!

The wedding was on Friday. Lovely weather for an outdoor wedding. It was fun to see high school friends and the greenhouse I used to work at. The ceremony was beautiful. My favorite part was that they gave maple trees as favors since Justin's last name is Maple. It's so nice to think of all of those trees growing up all over the country.

Saturday and Sunday we relaxed with Mom, Mommoms and Andy. We saw "Knocked Up" (hilarious), went swimming, shopped in an uncrowded fully stocked Target, and ate way, way too much. We ate fast food and slow food (by slow I mean fried). Our flight this morning was delayed, but only by an hour thankfully. Even though we were only gone a few days it is always such a shock to come back to the noise and chaos of the city and the BQE. Only when we are back at our apartment door can I breathe a sigh of relief. So nice to be home with the kitties.

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