Happy Birthday Erik!

Erik turned 29 years old last Tuesday! Hooray. We had a lovely dinner with Rein and Christa at Dressler (the fancier restaurant sibling to DuMont) in Brooklyn to celebrate. They flew back to Holland yesterday after witnessing the bizarre Brooklyn tornado and flooding storm (that I slept completely through) that shut down most of the subway system Wednesday morning. We ended up biking into work after realizing it was our best option.

We went to see a Beatles tribute band in Times Square last Saturday. They sounded just like them, but weren't so convincing in the looks department. I guess you can't expect both, but the mop top wigs did help. On Sunday, we ventured out to Red Hook, Brooklyn and saw some great community gardens, an art show and of course, the amazing world that is Fairway. Rein even cooked us dinner with his Fairway findings. It is always such a treat to be cooked for in your own apartment.


Marijke said...


Wouw he wraped himself as a present :-)

H3NR7 said...

Domo Happy Birthday
Mr. Roboto!

Max has really good low center of gravity.
I want to knock him over.

Simone said...

Happy Belated Birthday Erik. Enjoy your last year of being young!