The joys of a sweater

Left work this afternoon and was shocked by the weather. Not because of the heat but because of the cool breeze. Saw online that it had dipped down to the 50s. What a relief from weeks in the 90s. I came home and put on a sweater and long pants...and maybe a little later some socks...and just maybe a jacket. Who knew long sleeves could feel so nice?

Yesterday we got a nice surprise in the mail. A birthday package for Erik from Amke and Niels that included a DVD of Cedric! We loved it. Watched it right away. Can't believe how much he's grown. What a cutie. It made me realize how much nicer it is to capture these moments in film rather than photo. To see the actions and hear the voices (and cries!) really puts you right there. Also included in the box was an adorable painting made by Cedric...with his feet! He's already such a talented artist he's moved onto painting to his feet :)

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