Spring weekend outdoors

Saturday, my old friend Irina came into town with her friend Dave on their way from Boston to Delaware. We walked from Greenpoint to Williamsburg, took the train to Chinatown, walked to my work and then had a delicious dinner in Williamsburg at Wild Ginger. With our legs worn out and our stomachs full, we collapsed on the couch and watched "man push cart". A so-so film.

Sunday we went hiking with Edwin and Kathy in Hope, NJ . There's a state forest called "Jenny Jump" with about five, very well marked trails. While the weather was pretty warm, spring hadn't quote arrived in Hope. There were few buds on the trees, but it didn't really matter. The fresh air and soft ground were enough of a change for us city folk. It was a surprisingly easy trip out there too. After hiking, we stopped at Cliff's for some authentic NJ ice cream and floats.


Irina said...

Yay! I made it in your blog!


H3NR7 said...

It's Kathy!

Did Eric carve an "I heart U Jen" on the upper left tree?