Type Walking Tour and Mets

Have been meaning to post for days and days. Things have been pretty normal around here. We are enjoying the warmer (and longer) days. Planted a few things on the deck. One of my tulips from Christa has even grown! Last weekend we joined a walking tour of Long Island City and Greenpoint that focused on the typography of the area. The Thursday before that we went to a Mets game. Fourth row...from the top! I think I got a little dizzy from the lack of air, but it was free towel night. Amazing to see thousands and thousands of towels being twirled in the air.

Big technology news! We have succumbed to the temptation of HD and cable TV. Bought a 32" Samsung last week and having the cable installed this Wednesday. It will be nice to not have to adjust the antenna all of the time and to be able to record shows we miss on a DVR.


H3NR7 said...

Is that a shot of Yankee Stadium from the Good Year blimp?

go said...

hello jeneriks.
these photos are excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!
hope you guys are well.
love, croatia.