amERIKan and ikea

It was a very busy week here on Huron Street. Last Monday we had a fun evening at IKEA with Sara and Josephine, complete with Swedish meatballs. The store was wonderfully empty and Josephine was so nice to help us home with our new dresser and chair for the baby's room. We assembled the chair that night and Erik couldn't wait to do the dresser the following day. Wednesday night we attended a prenatal session at one of our local pediatricians. The Dr. seemed very caring and knowledgeable. The biggest event of the week came Thursday morning when Erik headed down to Federal Plaza to take his American citizenship test. His months of studying paid off and he passed without any problems! He was recommended for citizenship by the immigration officer and is now awaiting full approval by mail and a date for the swearing in ceremony. After that, we will do some more paperwork with the Dutch consulate to renew Erik's passport as a dual citizen. It's comforting to know that Erik will share both nationalities with our daughter. Friday night we went for dinner with Henry and checked out the new documentary on industrial design called Objectified. It's incredible to think about all of the design that surrounds us everyday. On Saturday I went to yoga then met Erik to head into the city for Josephine's opening at Cuchifritos. It's a two person show and I think her paintings work really well with the sculptor's pieces. Afterwards, we celebrated at Loreley, where the guys had gigantic (and nearly impossible to lift) German beers.

I've included a few photos of the in-progress nursery. We are still deciding on the paint color and the rug, but it's coming along. After three trips to our storage locker, we've managed to clear out a lot of space.

On the agenda for this week: my 5 month prenatal check-up with the Dr., Max's teeth cleaning (poor guy) and my brother's arrival on Thursday for the furniture fair and a long weekend visit!

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Simone said...

That little room looks great! It's actually bigger than I remember it. I'm sure it'll be pefect for baby.