Painting the Nursery

Took advantage of the three day weekend and did a few things around the apartment. Painted the little room a color called "sea glass". It's a very pale blue green. We tried the Home Depot FreshAire paint with no VOCs. It hardly smelled and I felt much safer helping out Erik with the painting. It did require two coats though, while Benjamin Moore paint usually works with one. We are really happy with how the room is coming along. I just need to figure out how to photograph it!


Simone said...

Ha I have the same mask from when we painted Sophie's nursery! Love the new color. We may do a similar color in our new living room.

I was thinking of getting the Benjamin Moore no VOC paint for our new place. Was it a lot more expensive per gallon for the HD one?

Jenny + Erik said...

The paint was $37 a gallon. I was curious about the Benjamin Moore no VOC too, but we were already at Home Depot. Let me know how it s if you get it. FreshAire also only has 65 colors. We were surprised to find one we liked.

Is Sophie excited about her new room?

Simone said...

I keep telling her we're moving to new house but I think she has no idea what I'm talking about! We hope to see the vacant apt next week and hopefully we can bring her to show her around. I already told her she'll have a big room and that there is a big bathtub. She's a sucker for a big bathtub ;-)

michael jackson said...

WHERE's MAX?!!!!