Tante Amke

We were so excited that Amke was able to visit NYC last weekend. She was really great with Ellis and it was wonderful they were able to meet. I took the day off on Friday and hit up a few stores with Amke. Ellis was still at daycare so we could shop without worrying about her next diaper change or nap. It felt pretty great to get a Moms’ day out! On Saturday, we went to the MoMa and then to a few toy stores before getting home to watch some Olympic speed skating. Sven Kramer did not disappoint! On Sunday, before Amke headed back, we enjoyed a nice brunch with Simone, David and family. Since Cedric and Sophie are so close in age, I thought it would be fun for them to meet. It was a really fun visit and we are looking forward to seeing all of Erik’s family in just over a month!

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