10,000 photos

We recently look our 10,000th* photo with the Nikon and the file numbers rolled back to 0001. It felt like reaching 100k miles with a car . . . if we had a car. Digital photography is amazing. That we can capture so many moments in such a small space. I can’t imagine where we would fit 10,000 prints in our apartment! I do need to remember to make prints of my favorites though.
I’ve pulled up photos from every 1,000. Funny selection.
*Turns out we were rewriting the files for a while when our camera was new. I am including a few of the 0001s here as well.

DSC_0001: Super Ellis, Feb, 2010

DSC_0001: Jenny on our balcony in Aruba, October 2007

DSC_0001: Handsome Max on the deck, July 2007

DSC_0001: Christa and Cedric, March 2008

DSC_0001: Isabelle and Nick’s planters, April 2008

DSC_2001: Erik experimenting with our new lens, December 2008

DSC_3001: Erik’s cousins celebrating Oma’s 80th birthday, January 2009

DSC_4001: Jenny in Central Park, about 4 months pregnant, April 2009

DSC_5001: Crazy cotton ball clouds, June 2009

DSC_6001: Newtown Creek in Greenpoint, August 2009

DSC_7001: Ellis’s first bath after her cord stump fell off, September 2009

DSC_8001: Ellis in her cosleeper, October 2009

DSC_9001: Ellis contemplating her bumbo, December 2009


Fabien said...

Artists...so much creativity. That was a cool idea to put every 1000 picture and see what went through your life at that moment. Of course once Ellis was there there was 9 chance out of ten it would be a picture of her :)
Have a good weeks guys and keep the updates, love your blog.

Jenny + Erik + Ellis said...

Thanks Fabien! Hope you and Rachel have a good week too! Stay warm.