Beer Hall

Met up with some friends and neighborhood families at Radegast beer garden today. The weather was below freezing, so we bundled Ellis up in her winter finest.
It felt nice to relax after a slightly stressful week at daycare. After great progress the week before, we were surprised to have some challenging days when Ellis decided she had no interest in naps. For almost three days she barely napped! Thankfully, she continued to sleep great at night. Hopefully, it’s just a phase (maybe the 4 month sleep regression) and she’ll be back to regular napping soon. She managed two naps today (one at home and one in the carrier) so things are beginning to look up a little. Some good news from this week: Ellis is taking bottles with very little protest from Erik again! She’s also trying very hard to sit up with little crunch like motions and managed to gently pull off Erik’s glasses today. I am considering saying goodbye to all of my dangling earrings for awhile...

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