Happy First Birthday Ellis!

We can’t believe the big day finally arrived. Ellis turned one on Monday! I was surprisingly emotional all day, gazing at Ellis for long stretches, running through everything that has happened in the last twelve months—so many wonderful moments and so much learning about what it means to be a parent. Last September was a haze of swaddles, diapers, nursing marathons, and napping when we had the chance. This September, Ellis is bursting with personality. She is imitating our actions (trying to put our shoes on her feet, holding the remote control up to her ear and babbling into it like a phone), sipping from a straw and a cup, feeding herself and giving us bites. She studies objects and pictures that have always been around with a completely new focus. She’s a lightning fast crawler and is gaining interest (and balance) with walking. She is obsessed with buttons and the kitties, of course.

We celebrated a little at home with singing and opening presents. On Sunday, we were invited to Dave and Simone’s annual fall dinner with friends. We brought along a strawberry shortcake with some lovely frosting typography and helped Ellis blow out her single candle. On Saturday, we celebrated Graeme’s first birthday in Prospect Park. He is one of the babies Ellis has known since her first weeks at daycare. It was great to talk with his parents outside of school and to watch Ellis and Graeme play so comfortably with one another. They do, after all, spend about 40 hours a week together!

This evening we came home to a package from Oma and Opa. Ellis enjoyed ripping off the paper and playing with her first puzzle, a book from our favorite bunny Nijntje and some adorable clothing from the Hema.


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to Ellis!!! It's hard to believe a year has already gone by, but from your blog it looks like it was a year to remember filled with so many wonderful memories. We hope to see you soon and introduce you to little Théo.

Jenny + Erik + Ellis said...

Thanks Rachel! This has been such a life changing year.

Fabien said...

Happy Birthday Ellis! It looks like you make your mommy and daddy the happiest parents on Earth. You had already did so many cool things in one year of your little life. I'm looking forward to seeing what's happening in your next adventures on the blog.