More parks and a little taste of Sweden

The long labor day weekend was lovely. Great weather and lots of adventures around the city to various parks. On Sunday we made it down to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6. The new park is beautiful and fun for older kids, but could use a little shade. I think Ellis will really enjoy going there once she is walking and interested in sand (instead of being freaked out by it). After that we rode the bus to IKEA. I admit that when their catalog came in the mail earlier in the week, a seed was planted and I had to plan a visit. Ellis tried her first Swedish meatballs, mac and cheese, and some veggies. Of course what she really wanted was my french fries, like mother like daughter I suppose. I love their cafeteria and am always amazed how delicious and affordable it is. We managed not to do too much financial damage in the actual store; just picked up a new duvet cover and some plastic bowls and cups for Ellis (great for eating and stacking). Since the office was closed on Monday, we were able to meet up with Simone, David, Sophie and Roman for a little Central Park picnic. The weather was perfect and I loved seeing how fascinated Ellis was with Sophie. We visited the Conservatory Garden after lunch and I can’t believe I had never been to (or really heard of) this beautiful part of Central Park. What a gem!

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Simone said...

So nice seeing you guys. Sophie stole her hat back, I'll be sure to get it back to you. I have to say, Ellis looks like a 3 year old in that first picture. I think it's just the way her arms are situated on the high chair. Too funny!