Last half day Friday

What a bittersweet afternoon. Very excited about the three day weekend ahead and sad to say goodbye to half day Fridays. They have been great. Some were spent traveling, others meeting up with friends and running errands, and a few were spent working in a wonderfully quiet office all by myself. Today, Erik and I tried to make the most of our last afternoon. We had a picnic lunch from Pret A Manger in Union Square with Ellis, then headed up to the Met to see the Big Bambu installation on the rooftop. Ellis particularly enjoyed pointing at the Greek and Roman statues. I haven’t been to the Upper East Side in a while and it was nice to stroll around the pretty streets, wander through the museum and end up in Central Park for a little time on the grass. We found a nice patch close to the museum. After Ellis refused to touch the sharp grass in Woodstock, I was delighted to see her crawling all around the soft central park lawn.

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