One and a week

This week was relatively quiet. Ellis had a rough night or two when her sixth tooth popped through, but is already feeling better. I think there is a direct correlation between the number of night wakings and the number of cups of coffee Erik and I drink the next day.

Since Ellis is drinking more and more cow’s milk and since she is now one, I decided it was a good time to stop nursing her at daycare. For eight months I was making two daily trips to visit and feed her and then for the last month we were down to one pre-nap feeding around noon. Being able to visit her during the day has been so special. I have really gotten to know her two teachers and have enjoyed watching the other babies in her class grow from small infants to babbling toddlers. I never really missed her, since I was so busy working and then running over to feed her and then working and running over to feed her. Nearly all of my lunches were at my desk and I was often scrambling if I needed to run any daytime errands.

This was our first full week without nursing visits. Ellis did great, maybe even napped a little longer, and I felt more productive at work and was able to enjoy a few lunches with friends I haven’t seen in a while and even a lunch date with Erik. We are still enjoying the ease and bond of night and morning nursing at home and I hope to continue though the winter cold/flu season for a little extra immunity.

As we offer her more and more solid foods, I realized it was unfair to not let her try certain healthy foods just because I didn’t like them. Case in point: cottage cheese. I bit the bullet, bought some and she loves it. I even gave it another try and was surprised to realize it wasn’t so bad. Some other foods I should let her try (and I should give another try): olives, pickles, and blue cheese.

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