Red Bulls, dressing up and more dexterity

Last weekend, Ellis and I made Erik very happy by coming along to a New York Red Bulls game. The match against Real Salt Lake ended in a draw, but we still had a great time. Ellis loved clapping along with the supporters and banging her hands on the chairs.

I've been so amazed lately at how differently Ellis is playing. She loves to open my closet drawers, pull out clothes and attempt to try them on. She managed to get my bikini over her head tonight and looked so proud. She is having fun drawing with crayons and painting with a brush (with just a little paint in her mouth). She has rediscovered spoon feeding and her bumbo chair, only now she wants to hold the spoon herself and climb into her chair. She also figured out her wooden stacking rings this week. After months of throwing the rings around and putting them into her mouth, she carefully placed them onto the stick in a moment of intense concentration followed by a very big smile. Such exciting changes!


Rachel said...

That is exciting! It's truly so amazing to see how babies develop and discover new things every day. I love the photo where she's trying to put on her socks - so cute!!!

Simone said...

It's crazy how fast she is growing up and changing. And look at all that hair coming in!