Steps...not the walking kind

Ellis’ latest, greatest joy in life is crawling over to the porch door in the kitchen, climbing the two little steps, turning herself around, and kicking her legs in delight. She loves to feel the outdoor breeze, lean her back on the screen door and take in the view of the kitchen from a slightly higher elevation. She also seems to love her new shoes. We went over to Ibiza Kidz after work this week and found Ellis this adorable pair of Robeez Mini Shoez (not sure what’s with all of the Zs instead of Ss...poor kids are going to be so confused!) The sales lady helped us find the right pair and explained what kind of fit and material we should look for in a toddler shoe. Ellis doesn’t try to pull them off of her feet and seems to enjoy the sound of the soft rubber sole as she cruises along. I took them off when we got home this evening and she even tried to put them back on!

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Simone said...

Love these photos. It looks like she is contemplating walking soon. Maybe convincing herself that she can do it! Love the shoes. We did not have a good experience with Roman's first shoes. He cried and was afraid to walk, just fell to the floor and crawled/cried. I think I should follow your lead and get some Robeez for his first shoe so he gets the hang of it. They are expensive but so cute!