Halloween Weekend

Ellis had a great second Halloween. She rode in the daycare parade last Friday with all of the other babies, teachers and parents from her school. There were so many adorable costumes, especially from the older kids. Ellis was a butterfly this year. She was originally going to be a lady bug, but we couldn’t fit the bulky costume over her head. A visit to our favorite second hand store Clementine saved the day.

On Saturday we drove down to Baltimore to visit Isabelle, Nick and Clara who were in town for the week from Seattle. Clara has grown so much. She is such a sweet baby. We had a great time catching up, enjoying some nice fall weather and playing with our two little insects.

Next week we are flying to Holland for Marijke and Adriano’s wedding! We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone and celebrating their special day.

Oh, and Ellis also surprised us by walking a few feet by herself this week!

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isabelle said...

These photos are so much better than the ones I took. Thank goodness! ha ha xoxo