Marijke’s Wedding

We are back from Holland and had such a wonderful time at Marijke and Adriano’s wedding. The ceremony and dinner were beautiful and intimate. I can hardly believe their “I do’s” (or “Ja’s” actually) were said in a room built in the 1600s. For an American from a town where the oldest building was from the 1800s, this is pretty incredible. Ellis did well on the flight while Erik and I were busy feeding and distracting her with new toys and books to keep it that way. She loved seeing her Dutch family and playing with Cedric and Julian. The jetlag helped us in some ways. Ellis stayed up past 10pm and slept in until 9am, something she has not done for many months. Our visit was short and flew by quickly, but we left with many special memories we’ll carry for years. Marijke and Adriano are also expecting a son mid-February, so double congratulations!!

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