Ellis the intern

The daycare had a professional development day last Friday, so I took the opportunity to have a slightly unprofessional day by bringing Ellis into the office. It was so much fun to have her there. She loved sitting at her desk and visiting with all of my very nice colleagues. I even impressed myself by simultaneously breastfeeding, eating my lunch and sending an email! We also met up with Sara in the afternoon for a quick errand and a delicious cookie.

Nick was in town last week to work on the design of the exciting new Purl Soho. It was great to see him for dinner one last time before he becomes a proud papa in just a matter of weeks!


Simone said...

Welcome to the working world Ellis! Love these photos. Such a cutie.

Colleen Courtney said...

These pictures are so cute!

Fabien said...

I recognize the new baby chair! Ha ha I guess it can turns into a working chair :) Did Ellis come up with any new design? :) Looks like she's very happy to have spend the day at work instead of the daycare!