Packing and Napping

We are leaving for Holland tomorrow evening and could not be more excited. It was a busy week and Erik and I both had off nights where we felt a little sick (stomach bug? bad leftovers? who knows...) so packing has been left for this weekend. Right now Ellis and the kitties are asleep on the bed, so I am taking a break to update. We hope to make this trip to Holland at least once a year while we are living in NY, so this is a good test run to see what we really need to pack for Ellis and ourselves.

Last Wednesday, Ellis had her 6 month pediatrician visit. She’s now 20.10lbs and 28". Thankfully, still small enough for her carseat and the bassinet on the plane. Right before we met with the Doctor, Ellis did the biggest, most liquid poop I have ever seen. Thank god we brought an extra outfit and we were at the Dr. to ask “is this normal?” and yes, it is.

Speaking of poop (and do not read ahead if this is too much information), Ellis has officially entered the realm of stinky number twos. After a few weeks of tasting solids, her not-terribly-smelly breast milk poop have been replaced with some smell-it-from-across-the-room yellow tar. Oh well...part of growing up I guess.


Simone said...

Just wait-the poop gets worse.

Love the photos of Mom sleeping and Ellis up and ready to party.

Have a wonderful, wonderful trip. Can't wait to see the photos and hear the updates. Safe and happy (and restful!) travels to the three of you!

Jenny + Erik + Ellis said...

That's what my Mom said Simone. She said "just wait until she starts eating meat".

We'll bring back lots of photos and Dutch goodies!

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