A New York home for footbal (soccer)

Sorry for the non Ellis post, but I just had to write about this.
Last Saturday was a historic day for soccer fans in America. After decades of playing in a stadium not suited for soccer (Giants Stadium), the local team in New York finally opened their own stadium in Harrison, New Jersey. Even though I still do not like the name, I have to thank the Redbull organization for making this stadium happen in a way nobody thought was possible in America. A stadium dedicated just to soccer!
It really is a beautiful stadium. It's small compared to other sport stadiums in America (25,000 seats) but because of that it feels really intimate and friendly. I was so impressed with this stadium I can barely remember the game.

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Simone said...

Wow I knew the only other photos that could compete (or try to) with Ellis would be soccer ones! Glad you enjoyed yourself-and what fantastic weather you had!