Spring Awakening

While the new year technically begins January 1st, I never really feel renewed and over the previous year until Spring comes around. Those first warm days of sunshine are simply magical. Everyone sheds their heavy winter coats and puts on a smile. After much snow and rain, the sun is finally out and the plants on our deck could not be happier. The tulips Christa planted shortly after Ellis was born are coming up quickly. How nice that she will get to see, touch, smell and enjoy these beautiful tulips now that she’s a little older. Of course, she will probably want to squish them in her little hands or stuff them into her mouth, but since that’s how she enjoys and explores the world these days, it’s fine with us. Remind me to look up “poisonous flowers” later...

We’ve both been busy working, figuring out our weekly routine and trying not to over do it on the weekends. Ellis has been doing great. She likes to sit up all the time now and is quite the wiggle worm when she’s on her belly. She’s a long way from crawling but we love to see how each new arm twist, knee bend and butt raise get her that much closer to figuring it out. Bottle feeding is no longer a problem at the daycare (hooray!) Even though I am still going to feed her twice during the day, it’s nice to know she can take a little snack now and then if I don’t make it there within the hour. Napping is another story. Ellis has had quite a few days where she only naps a total of 40 minutes the entire day, and those naps are usually while we are commuting or while she is nursing. Fingers crossed that this is just a phase and she’ll get into a more consistent nap routine in the next few months. I wish I could take a nap in the middle of the day for two hours! Actually, I’d rather trade that two hour nap for two extra hours each day.

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Fabien said...

That was such a cool idea from your friend about the tulips!!! You're right, feeling the warm sun hitting your skin feels so good again! I'm back to going outside to the park during my lunch break as well and enjoying some clouds free sky...at last! Enjoy this weekend it's suppose to be as nice as these past few days