Construction Update

The building next door is really going up. The noise has not been bad, but it is sad to come home and suddenly have a wall against your deck. The pink shape in the deck photo is a simulation of the view when the wall goes up to 7 stories! Trying to think of the upside of things, at least we won't get as many sunburns and the plants won't need watering as much in the shade.

I hope they quickly finish so the sidewalk will be back to normal (and so we can see who is actually dumb enough to spend a bazillion dolars to live on Huron Street!)

We are flying to Chicago later today for Billy's wedding. I'm looking forward to seeing all of my dad's family. All of my cousins are really growing up,

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H3NR7 said...

Hey Jen! Please let me know when the building begins leasing. I want to be the first in line to buy. I can't wait. My view will be awesome.