eagle vs. conchord

Has anyone seen these ads around town? I first saw the poster for "Eagle vs. Shark" near work and then I saw the poster for "Flight of the Conchords" on the subway. At first I thought these were for the same show/movie since they looked so similar and they have the same actor. As it turns out, one is a movie and one is a new HBO show. I wonder if this similarity was planned or if it was accidental? The hand-drawn yellow type on a blue background with two quirky figures is awfully suspicious. I bet the HBO show will be great.

We got to see a lot of SMP friends this week at the Barge Bash at South Street Seaport, the Art Directors Club Illustration Review, Museum Mile night, and the Broadway show GREY GARDENS. I hadn't expected such a busy week, but all of these fun things came up each night and we didn't want to muiss out. Poor Erik has had a cold this whole week and last night I got my first symptoms. Hopefully lots of sleep this weekend will cure us. I've also made some orange juice popsicles! yum.

The ground floor apartment in our building is for rent. I did some detective work and found the listing online. There's an open house tomorrow. I think it is funny that the apartment has gained a bedroom in a week. Interesting sales tactic.

OPEN HOUSE: http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/abo/350807937.html

PICTURES: http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/fee/345528413.html


belle said...

I saw these posters too, and was thoroughly confused, yet intrigued. Is their key demographic underpaid visual artists?

How did you like Grey Gardens?

xoxo belle

The Blaggard said...

The illustration looks like it was done by Nick Cocotos... but maybe not. The best part is the plaid shirt otherwise I give it a thumbs down collage wise.

I love the colors though.