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As early as Monday people began waiting in the line to be the first owners of an iPhone. The phones aren't going on sale until 6pm Friday. That's insane. I know NYers love to wait in lines (shake shack, free movies, sample sales, etc.) but 4 days? It will be funny to see all of the attention the first iPhones get around the city. I remember when the first iPods came out and you would see the occassional subway rider with the white earphones. They were so rare and kept getting stolen. Now it is more of a surprise to hear someone doesn't have an iPod (or two).


Reinder Vrielink said...

Ik heb geen iPot. Ik wil graag een Leffe Blond met jullie drinken in the Dutch restaurant in NY.
Groetjes. Rein

H3NR7 said...